How we help Retailers grow.

Gain access to more than 20 mio. consumers per month, right at the point of purchase consideration and drive thousands of additional sales.

As a Retailer

Your goal is...

for shoppers to be sent directly to you, when they are browsing digital content.

You already have...

a customer base of shoppers that you want to expand.

But you're missing...

someone to bridge the gap between you, the customers of top brands & publishers.

Avocando has the Solution

Shoppable Recipes

There is no solution like ours: With our innovative and comprehensive Buy Now Integration we make products on websites of publishers and brands shoppable.

Take advantage of our partnership with leading recipe publishers. We created an established solution to enable you to target consumers at massive scale, and in perfect context and relevancy - when they are creating shopping lists and browsing new recipes.

Online users getting everything they need for their next lasagna, Greek salad, or cheese cake from your shop is just one click away.

See our integration in action:

Live Demo

Buy Now

We partner with well-known grocery brands to maximize the value of their digital content with our original Buy Now Solution. Instead of only browsing through product information and descriptions on the websites of brand, users can buy the products right now using their favorite online retailer.

With Avocando, users can skip the long lines and delays at the store and buy everything they need directly from you: easy and fast, from wherever they are.

Partner with us and reap the benefits of a shortened journey to purchase, leading users directly to you.

Local Offers

Shoppers are always looking for the best price.

Don’t miss the chance to expand your customer base: We promote your special offers to even more people through our integrated Local Offer Button on leading recipe websites.

We give you a real competitive advantage and make you the shoppers' retailer of choice, by guiding customers directly to your best deals.

Our retailing Partners

By partnering with leading retailers like Allyouneed Fresh and Edeka’s Bringmeister, we ensure nation-wide and even international area coverage for grocery delivery.

Only Avocando aggregates data from all relevant retailers to manage regional variations in product assortment, availability, and diverse shopping habits and preferences.

Learn more about our Partners.

You get the Whole Package

Simple Setup

Easy to integrate, no developer.
Painless & trouble-free on any device.

Increase Sales

Profit from being at the end of a shortened path to purchase & ensure your share of basket.

Gain Customers

Take advantage of the traffic on leading recipe websites & connect with millions of new customers.