Lead your Brand's shoppers from inspiration to purchase.

Provide a direct path to purchase and drive sales from your brand website with our digital content solutions, giving shoppers access to online and local retailers to buy your products.

As a Brand

Your goal is...

to promote products, market your brand & drive sales.

You already have...

valuable digital content, like product information & recipes to engage with your customers.

But you're missing...

a clear path to puchase so you don't bypass thousands of additional sales every day.

Avocando has the Solution

Buy Now Online

Let customers buy your products wherever they are, whenever they want, directly online.

Integrate our solution on your brand website to direct your customers to your products at leading online grocery retailers, where they can add your products to their shopping cart with just a click.

We help you make the most of your digital content by connecting your customers directly with a well-established network of online retailers, who deliver your products to your customers’ homes.

Buy Now Offline

Put your products on a map with our Buy Now Offline Solution.

Show your customers where they can find your products nearby when purchase intent is the highest - while discovering product information and recipes on your website.

We help you increase in-store sales by displaying the location of relevant retailers using their zip code.

Shoppable Recipes

Do you inspire your users with recipes? We make your recipes instantly shoppable!

Benefit from an established solution: Through our partner network of leading grocery retailers, you can enable your users to buy ingredients for your recipes directly online with just one click.

Instead of only browsing your digital content, our solution enables your users to transfer all the ingredients for your recipes directly into their shopping cart on the websites of leading online retailers.

Increase your sales by securing your brand's share of basket.

See our integration in action:

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Brand Placement on Cooking Platforms

Guarantee your brand’s spot in the customers' shopping cart by making sure your products are featured in the Shoppable Recipes of the many publishers we already partner with.

We make sure that your brand's products are always suggested for relevant recipe ingredients on the customers' shopping lists.

By partnering with us, you gain access to hundreds of thousands of recipes that we have already made shoppable on the websites of popular cooking platforms.

Reach millions of shoppers at the moment of purchase consideration in perfect context.

Our partnering Brands

Several successful brands, like Maggi, a Nestlé brand, already cooperate with us to monetize their high quality digital content.

Our extensive network of retailers and publishers makes it possible for food brands to engage with their customers directly through our strategic and comprehensive solutions, including Product Placement, Shoppable Recipes, and Buy Now.

Learn more about our Partners.

You get the Whole Package

Simple Setup

Easy, step-by-step integration.
Painless & trouble-free on any device.

Regional Relevancy

We aggregate data from all relevant retailers to ensure product availability regardless of regional differences.

Increase Sales

Realize your market potential by monetizing the digital lifestyle of your customers.