Nice to meet you

At Avocando, we build new, forward-thinking grocery shopping experiences that already reach 20 million consumers per month.

We are Avocando

We are creating the company that leads the way in connecting grocery brands and retailers with grocery shoppers in the digital age.

Join us on our journey!

Our team

We are a driven, pragmatic team with a strong development background and sales skills. We believe in transparency to keep all of us on the same page - from business decisions to code reviews. And we like clever, scalable solutions and automating repetitive processes - that's what enables us to roll-out Avocando internationally without large overhead.

We have a very positive, funny and lighthearted atmosphere - in our day-to-day, and outside the office, during team lunches, video game nights, Smoothie Thursdays and events like laser tag and barbecuing.

Work with us

We are a product-driven company. What we do is providing useful, well-developed and well-crafted products that work for millions of users and a plethora of brands and retailers.

We do customer research, develop and iterate the entire product experience and then roll-out our products through our large partner and publisher network to millions of consumers all over Europe.

We're hiring. See our open positions.

Our stack

We like to use effective tools and like to know them really well. Meaning, we want to get things done pragmatically with tools that are up to the job. We're also really into automation and system monitoring. We measure, and make sure we can quickly draw conclusions.

On the frontend side of things, we know our way around aggressive caching, A/B testing, effective/insightful usage analytics, and more.

We are also regulars at multiple meetups in Munich (find us at the ruby meetup every first Wednesday of the month), and attend conferences in Germany and Europe. We're also going to host multiple meetups in our own offices this year.

Our office

Located conveniently in the heart of the university area between LMU and TUM, easily reachable with public transport.

Surrounded by an endless number of bars and restaurants, this is where you'll find us planning, coding, selling, discussing, negotiating, tinkering, brainstorming, improving - and having a lot of fun in the process.